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SHAKE BABY Diet Formular Protein Shake 750g

SHAKE BABY Diet Formular Protein Shake 750g

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    Solve your concerns:
    • Those looking for intensive weight loss
    • Those who want to maintain a steady weight
    • Those who want a low-calorie meal while managing their diet
    • Those who want to avoid a fasting-centred diet
    • Those who want a quick, preparation-free meal
    • Those who want yum variations in their meal replacement
    • Those who want to avoid fishy-smelling meal replacement
    • Those who want to have a filling meal replacement
    • Those who are looking for a healthy, flavourful meal replacement

    1. (PINK FORMULAR) Shake Baby Strawberry:
    SHAKE BABY’s favorite flavor enriched with chewy freeze-dried strawberries. Enjoy the twist of soft sweet and sour frozen dried strawberry.

    2. (PINK FORMULAR) Shake Baby Chocolate:
    SHAKE BABY’s Chocolate is enriched with dark and sweet chocolate mixed with crunchey Coco Nibs.


    1. Pour 180-200ml of water (for a healthier option) or unsweetened/ soy milk (for a tastier and fuller option) into the shaker.
    2. Add 2 spoonfuls (30g) of Shake Baby.
    3. Shake it well.
    4. Enjoy the drink!
    5. Can consume once or twice daily.
    6. Can be used as a meal replacement.
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