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L. Patella Knee Strap

L. Patella Knee Strap

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Advanced Targeted Compression – Scientifically made to be Runner Knee strap, Patella Knee Strap and a patella support knee braces. Immediate relief from knee pain caused by Jumpers Knee Arthritis, Bursitis, Patellar Tendonitis, or even Misalignment of the Quadriceps and other injuries that fall in the same category and provide snug fit and support. Help reduce patella stress, relieve Patellar tracking disorder and lessen the risk of these kinds of injuries.

Exceptional Compression Silicon Tubes – Patella support knee braces Equipped with the Lower tube which targets patellar tendon and Upper tube particularly targets quadriceps misalignment that effectively adapts to the shape of the knee, and both of the tubes aim to improve the kneecap overall stability and strengthen the patella mechanism makes it an efficient knee strap for knee pain relief!

Lightweight, Breathable and Durable – Patella Knee Strap With its superior quality, meticulously made breathable for an active person in which further prevents the gear against odor, staining and has improved Silicon Tube inserts that are not easy to deform and moist wicking. So lightweight, wearing it provides compression without risking your mobility. Make it your ideal support when needed!

Choose the Perfect Size – Excellently designed to suit individuals of all shapes and sizes with its carefully designed two variety of sizes (Small/Medium and Large), devised with straps that are so adjustable to create a perfect patella stabilizing knee brace and ease sizing worries away! Perfect knee support for women and men!

Effective Support without Movement Constraint – Get back in shape and continue what you love the most with

FITTERGEAR Dual Patella Knee Strap – offering both above and below support for the weak and painful knee and have yourself a running brace that helps you keep your stability and enjoy comfort to wear all day while healing!

Patella Knee Strap built-in shock-absorbing silica gel, effectively protecting the patellar tendon from injury

High polymer fabric, high flexibility, skin-friendly and breathable, fit and comfortable when using

The velcro design adopts a borderless design, which effectively prevents sliding when used

Two-way adjustment setting, you can set the degree of tightness by yourself.

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