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Dark Labs CRACK Reloaded Pre-Workout

CRACK Reloaded Pre-Workout – No category was neglected with powerful array of nootropics thrown in the mix and without the use of DMAA/DMHA. This is something different but still as hardcore as any pre workout product we’ve ever manufactured.

This is a timeless and potent masterpiece that will take your workouts to new heights you never have conquered before… Till now.

Crack Reloaded is a Ultra High-Stim Powerhouse of a Pre-Workout

Dark Labs CRACK Reloaded Pre-Workout – Ingredient Panel:

  • L citrulline malate 2:1 – 6000mg – A solid dose of 6g of Citrulline Malate ensures improved vasodilation, increased performance, and enhanced recovery. Citrulline increases ammonia recycling and nitric oxide metabolism in the body and increases plasma levels of ornithine and arginine. In this way, citrulline may benefit athletic performance, cardiovascular health, and erectile dysfunction, all of which involve nitric oxide. Watermelon is one of very few foods that contain useful amounts of citrulline.
  • Beta alanine – 3200mg – A clinical dose of Beta Alanine means improved athletic performance and even improves recovery. Exercises with high intensity have been shown to improve muscular endurance when beta-alanine is consumed. The accumulation of altered proteins is strongly associated with the aging process, so carnosine has also been shown to exert antiaging effects mainly by suppressing errors in protein metabolism. Antiglycating agents, chelators of toxic metal ions, and antioxidants may contribute to its antiaging effects.
  • Choline Bitartrate – 1000mg – A heavy dose of choline bitartrate means that you can be sure to feel it’s nootropic effects such as improved mind/muscle connection, focus and mood. Among the claimed benefits of choline bitartrate and other choline supplements are enhancing athletic performance, reducing cholesterol levels, protecting the liver against alcohol-induced damage, lowering blood pressure, and controlling mood swings.
  • Agmatine Sulfate – 1000mg – Helps improve nutrient partitioning as well as enhancing vasodilation, leading to fuller and more prominent pumps. Among the claimed benefits of choline bitartrate and other choline supplements are enhancing athletic performance, reducing cholesterol levels, protecting the liver against alcohol-induced damage, lowering blood pressure, and controlling mood swings.
  • Lions Mane Extract – 1000mg – This mushroom has been getting great traction due to it’s nootropic effects. Higher doses of Lions Mane may boost cognitive function and help repair nerve damage. Its been also said that Lions Mane has strong anti-inflammatory properties, and is a strong antioxidant, as well as great immune-boosting abilities.
  • Alpha GPC 50% – 600mg – This more bio available form of choline crosses the blood brain barrier making it an effective compound in boosting cognitive function. In addition to its potential as a nootropic or cognitive enhancer, alpha-GPC may also enhance the effectiveness of acetylcholinesterase inhibitors.
  • Beta Phenylethylamine – 500mg  – Also known as “PEA” is a stimulant that has been used to help treat depression as well as aid in weight loss and mood. It is a trace amine whose metabolites are rapidly broken down into inactive components and is a source of many “happy hormones” including dopamine and serotonin.
  • N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate – 500mg – Aka Eria Jarensis – As it has similar properties to DMAA, it is becoming more popular. It is known to provide intense energy, euphoria, and fat loss.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 350mg – The most common form of caffeine used, simply caffeine anhydrous works. Boosting cognitive function, energy, performance and strength – at a heavy 350mg dose to optimize your workouts to the next level.
  • Caffeine Citrate – 150mg – Caffeine Citrate raises blood levels faster than other caffeine sources, making it an ideal instant energy source but ideally works best when combined with other caffeine sources for the best results.
  • Di-caffeine malate – 50mg – Not only provides a longer acting source of energy but also less digestive distress compared to other forms of caffeine as well as lessening the effects of a post workout crash usually associated with other forms of caffeine.
  • Theobromine HCL – 100mg – Has a host of benefits which includes cardiovascular health, mood and improved intensity. This acts similarly to caffeine but without excessive strain on the central nervous system (CNS). 
  • Isopropylnorsynephrine – 50mg – Also known as Synephrine is a synthetic stimulant.  It’s found in various fat burners thanks to its ability to break down lipids and increase energy. 
  • Noopept – 30mg – Noopept is a peptide derived nootropic.  It has the potential to enhance cognitive function, memory and focus. The nootropic molecule N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester is known as Noopept. 
  • Rauwolfia vomitoria root extract (std. min 90% alpha yohimbine) – 2mg – Is well known for its fat burning properties as well as boosting energy and intensity. Works best when combined with other stimulants.
  • Huperzia serrata (std. min 1% Huperzine A) – 100mcg – Another nootropic added to the mix, Huperzine A may enhance memory and may slow down cognitive decline. It’s dosed sufficiently at 100mcg. An acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (AHCI), Huperzine-A is derived from the Huperziceae family of herbs, and it prevents acetylcholine from being broken down by an enzyme, which increases acetylcholine levels. The learning neurotransmitter acetylcholine also plays an important role in muscle contraction, so weight-lifters and scholars routinely increase acetylcholine levels.
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