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Z. Chalk Ball

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Professional non-slip magnesium powder ball!
EVERYTHING YOU GET - A total of 1.2 pounds of 100% magnesium carbonate gym chalk powder. Great items including a refillable chalk ball, no-mess storage bag, an extra container of pure chalk.
REFILLABLE BALL - This 70g ball comes PRE-FILLED, just a couple of light squeezes are enough to increase your grip and reduce the waste of excess chalk-like in block or plain powder form. It also comes with a small scoop to help refill for your convenience.
CONTAINER - A PRE-FILLED slim fit container designed with the capacity to hold an extra pound of gym powder and stay out of your way while doing it.
NO-MESS STORAGE BAG - Our hassle-free water-resistant and durable dacron storage bag comes designed with an adjustable drawstring to help you keep more chalk on your hands and less on the floor while still keeping easy access for all your gymnastic, weightlifting, powerlifting, or rock climbing needs and so much more!
Instructions for use:
  1. Rub the powder ball vigorously during use.
  2. Apply magnesium powder to the palm of your hand or equipment.
  3. Apply fully and evenly on the palm surface, so that the magnesium powder can fully absorb sweat during training, keep the hands dry and improve the slip resistance.
  • For external use only
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • If you feel skin irritation, stop using
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Do not expose to open flames
  • Fitness, Pole Dance, Outdoor Training, CrossFit.