E-voucher's 8Home Store

1. What Is 8Home Store 's E-Voucher?

E-Voucher is a voucher offered by 8Home Store to provide discounts to our customers each time they are eligible for. (Based on stamps they have)

2. How to get this E-Voucher?
Customers will automatically obtain this E-Voucher when they purchase item with price over 30 USD from 8Home Store.

3. How to use this E-Voucher?
Simple steps to use this voucher

  • Save the latest update of this voucher when received from our store
  • This offers will be based on the stamps in your voucher. For example: If your stamps is on the 10% discount column, you will get 10% off for your purchase.
  • Customers can include E-Voucher with the existing promotion of our store. Terms and conditions applied.

4. How many types of E-Voucher?
Currently, 8Home Store has two types of E-Voucher. Normal E-Voucher for new customers and Premium E-Voucher for those who exceed normal E-Voucher. For Premium E-Voucher, customers will get even more offers.

5. How E-Voucher and Premium E-Voucher look like?