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A. Power Grasp Pro 2.0

A. Power Grasp Pro 2.0

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PATENTED DESIGN: Our weight lifting gloves with wrist straps for weight lifting are the best weight lifting grips on the market with a patented cowhide material that maintains its shape throughout your workout.

DOMINATE MAX WEIGHT & REPS: Our Cowhide Weight lifting Grips contours the bar and fits any barbell and shift the weight to your wrists, protecting your palms and allowing you to focus on your pull-ups, deadlifts, and lift weight maximizing your reps and preventing injuries.

DON’T LOSE YOUR GRIP: Our Cowhide Weight Lifting Grips With Wrist Straps are the best comfortable and durable gym straps for men and women as it fits any wrists and is designed to improve your grip strength without any slips.
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