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NEED TE5TO S7 60 Capsules

NEED TE5TO S7 60 Capsules

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TE5TO·S7TM by NEED® is a blend of clinically tested vegetal and mineral ingredients able to raise the testosterone level in blood in a 100% natural way.

Up to 12 different vegetable extracts are present in the formula, the main ones being Shilajit (PRIMAVIE®), Schisandra, Tribulus, Ashwagandha (SENSORIL®) and Maca, considered as the 5 main natural ingredients with adaptogenic properties and effects on manhood.

In addition, TE5TO·S7TM by NEED® contains Zinc and Niacin which contribute to maintain testosterone levels and reduce the sensation of tiredness and fatigue.

Finally, TE5TO·S7TM by NEED® introduces the prestigious multi-awarded patent S7TM, which increases the production of the own body’s internal nitric oxide (NO) by 230%, without added nitrates. Its blend of plant-based ingredients with vasodilator effects marks a turning point in natural supplementation for those athletes looking forward to improve their performance in the most natural way.

TE5TO·S7TM by NEED® will help you increase your muscle mass and libido, raising your levels of strength and performance to their highest in a 100% natural way.
Raise your levels with TE5TO·S7TM

Directions: Take 2 capsules a day with a large glass of water.

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