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L. Glute Kickback Pro

L. Glute Kickback Pro

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You can use the Cable Machine Ankle Straps for the following exercises, but we welcome you to get creative! 

  • Leg Kick Backs;
  • Leg Curls;
  • Leg Extensions;
  • Hip Abductors;
  • Core Exercises;

Optimize your foot’s stability to achieve maximum Glute activation per rep, something you can seriously feel. Once you try the ankle strap for cable machine you won't want to train your Glutes without it.

Cable Machine Ankle Straps Velcro closure customizes fit. 5 steel D-Rings attach to any universal GYM system. 

FitterGear ankle strap for cable machine 300 lbs of resistance are easily handled through our use of MIL-SPEC (i.e., military-grade components) and class-leading design. These materials have been selected for their minimal weight, incredible durability, and strength.
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