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Z. Flat Bands

Z. Flat Bands

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STRENGTHEN, STABILIZE, AND TONE MUSCLES: FITTERGEAR Versatile seven-foot Flat Resistance Band allows you to strengthen, stabilize, and tone muscles while increasing flexibility and range of motion exercises . Perfect for physical therapy and rehabilitation, the extra-long resistance band is lightweight and durable.

INTEGRATES WITH MANY POPULAR WORKOUTS: The durable Flat Resistance Band can be used for general exercise, stretching, and strength training or as part of a workout program such as P90x, CrossFit, Beach Body, Yoga, exercises or Pilates.

DURABLE BAND: Made with durable composite material, the straight band is snap, tear, and split resistant.

FIVE RESISTANCE LEVELS: This set includes five resistance levels, ranging from extra light to extra heavy. Additionally, a versatile Flat Resistance Band can be folded over to create more tension. The extra-light and light resistance bands are great for beginners, expectant mothers, and the elderly. The medium, heavy and extra heavy resistance bands work well for progressive workouts, advanced strength training, and experienced users. Bands can also be used together to create custom workouts exercises.



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