Why NEED Pure Whey’s price is higher compare to other popular brands?

Though there are many brands of whey protein available on the market, only some are always on consumer list. Those popular protein brands have similar price range and nutrition facts. The price range for 2lbs or around 1kg whey protein size is priced between 25$ to 35$. On the contrary, NEED Pure Whey, the product of NEEDSUPPS, which was just introduced to the market is priced higher compare to those in demand brands.

What makes NEED Pure Whey so expensive?

These are the 4 reasons that make NEED Pure Whey expensive:

  1. High Amount of Protein: in 50g or 1 serving of NEED Pure Whey contains 36.17g of protein and 1 full scoop (70g) contains 50g of protein which is higher compare to other brands. To allow muscle grows progressively, you will need 2.2g of protein per 1kg of body weight. If consumers take 2 full scoops of NEED Pure Whey, they will only need a few more grams of protein to complete their needed amount of daily protein intake.
  2. High Amount of BCAA’S: in 50g or 1 serving of NEED Pure Whey contains 8.28g of BCAA’S and 1 full scoop (70g) contains 9.8g of BCAA’S. BCAA’S is very essential for muscle growth and recovery.
  3. Low Sugar: in 50g or 1 serving of NEED Pure Whey contains sugar as low as 0.08g which is best for your body and maintain your weight.
  4. To ensure that consumers get the quality product, NEED Pure Whey is made with the best quality raw materials and comes with good taste.
These are what make NEED Pure Whey expensive compare to its competitors. You should try NEED Pure Whey to feel its quality.

More Detail of NEED Pure Whey product please click the picture below

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