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Max Protein® WTF ?! Smaxis White is a delicious white chocolate flavored cream with authentic Choco Buttons that will surprise you from the first bite. WTF ?! Smaxis White is high in protein, and does not contain palm oil.

WTF ?! Smaxis White is presented in a convenient 250g format so you can enjoy your favorite flavor anywhere. Decorate your waffles, pancakes or toasts and add a delicious touch to your desserts, cakes and biscuits. Max Protein® WTF ?! Smaxis White will surprise you with its creamy texture and flavor!

Smaxis White is part of the new family of spreadable creams WTF ?! (What the Fudge ?!), high in protein and low in naturally present sugars. No product from the WTF family of spreads ?! contains palm oil * and its fun flavors are sure to surprise you.