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A. Wrist Gloves

A. Wrist Gloves

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Wrist Gloves:
Wristband Update. Two Different Types of Wristbands Suitable for men and women. The FitterGear Gloves are Breathable and Compressive, Protecting Your Hands Fully.

[Wristband Update]The adjustable wristband can disperse the weight of the equipment a bit, reduce the pressure on the wrist and prevent sprains. Two different types of wristbands are available. Long wristbands provide better support, while short wristbands are suitable for wearing sports watches.

[Thicken Palm]The foam pad with thickened high-density sponge can protect your hands from tears, calluses, and blisters, which is in line with ergonomic design. It can play the role of protection and buffer, easing the hand strain with great hand coverage.

[Strong Grip]The padded abrasion-resistant palm pad with honeycomb anti-slip silica gel, which has a strong grip and anti-skid. Suitable for men and women to Weight Lifting, Pull Up, Exercise, Fitness, Gym Training, Rowing, Cycling, and General Workouts.

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