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GOOD MORNING INSTANT ... Get up and enjoy the best taste of MAX PROTEIN ®.  We present you  GOOD MORNING INSTANT, an instant shake that gives you a high value of energy and fiber. In addition, GOOD MORNING INSTANT  DOES NOT CONTAIN ADDED SUGARS OR PALM OIL.

Its contribution of 12 grams of protein per 100 will help you start the day with a plus.
GOOD MORNING INSTANT , also contains among its ingredients the best quality rice flour and Stevia, and is a perfect instant shake to combine with our GOOD MORNING PERFECT BREAKFAST cereals .
The hardest part will be making up your mind as GOOD MORNING INSTANT comes in two incredible flavors: NUTCHOC and WHITE CHOCOLATE CREAM.

How to use: Put a tablespoon (7.5gr) of Good Morning in a cup, add 150ml of skimmed milk or favorite drink and stir the content until its perfect dissolution.

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